Ever, Jane Art Update!

New Character Stuff!

In earlier posts I mentioned the new redesign of the character models. We are very excited to start putting the models in the world to play but before we can do that, we must first get the character customization working. Judy has been working on it almost exclusively since the latest release, between being a CEO and Designer. 

Character Customization 1st Pass!!

Character Customization 1st Pass!!

Right now, we are just interested in getting the mesh and texture swapping to work correctly with everything rigged properly. So far, so good! We haven't had any problems that can't be resolved with some re-factored meshes, and optimized art. 

In the Mean Time...

Re-designed the Male character!

It will come as no surprise that the old Male Models suffered from the same affliction as the Female Models did. There were major issues with the anatomy and just overall tone that the characters set and it did not at all match the experience we wanted. We explained earlier that it was just in for the prototype. That was fine for the time being, however, now that we are funded, we are able to give the characters the attention they deserved. It was important to us that we got it right, so I was eager to re-design the Male Model after reworking the Female in the style we wanted.

Take a look at the before and after:

oh no! (Before)

oh no! (Before)

oh yeah! (After)   

oh yeah! (After)


Facial Shapes 

Part of the customizable character options will be different shapes for the faces. I created both the Male and Female Character models have Square, Round, Oval, Heart and Sharp shape to the faces. Moving forward, I would like to give them more time, but right now, other areas of the game need my attention, so this is going in as "done enough"  for now.

You can click through images below:

Skin Color Variations

Before the next release, we wanted to have all the features at least, though maybe not all the assets, completed for the character customization. Right now you can choose the gender, hair type and color, face, and cloths of the characters. Our last and in lot of ways our most important custom feature is skin color. There are 6 shades we can choose from at this point, though I would like to get much more in. Skin is not just about light to dark, there's tonal changes I would eventually like to do. 

Click through below to see the skin shades:

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