Denver, CO

My family and I are moving to Denver Colorado! We are incredibly excited for change of scenery. Since 3 Turn Productions is based just outside of Denver, I'm confident that this move will be healthy for he project. 

Dusty Flack is still moving strong with a pretty cool trajectory! Even though Raph will be in Phoenix and I in Denver, the work will continue remotely. I've been working on EJ this entire time remotely, so I'm not concerned about this falling through the cracks. 

Blood Quantum has slowed but not stopped. With my time being pretty much completely pre-occupied with Ever Jane, Gravity Ghost, and other paid contracts, my own game has had to take a back seat to projects that pay me and have a shot at shipping. Since Will Courtney is working on Gravity Ghost with the lovely Erin Robinson, I'll have him back with full momentum after it's release in September(?). 

Looking forward to meeting all the Colorado game devs and feasting my eyes on the some of the most beautiful scenery the US has to offer. :)

Renee NejoComment