WIPs, World Travel, and Blood Quantum Updates!

Blood Quantum Game, Tokyo, Indiecade New York, Ireland Natives in Game Dev Gathering. Ever Jane Launches in June, and Firefly Levels and Gallery Shows!


Go. Go there. See it. 

I had so many pictures and it was difficult to select just a few for this post. It wouldn't matter. Words and pictures can't really capture the experience of Japan. I saw some pretty incredible similarities among the Japanese and our Native groups here in the States. I mean, after all Japan is a country that has been developed by it's native people there and that culture comes through despite western influence. "Despite" may not be the right word. Because here it's seems harmonious. "Symbiotic" might be a better word.

Indiecade East - New York

Looks small from up here

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New York is another place I get to experience for the first time at Indiecade East! Indiecade is by far, my favorite game showcase. I know i'm partial to indie games, but the conversations seem so much more intimate and personal. Everyone there is so excited to show their work or play these games. It feels very inclusive, and for those reasons, i prefer them to larger shows like E3 and Pax. 

This year, Indiecade was hosted at the Museum of Moving Image and i got to see he Anomolisa set, among a TON of other amazing things. As a total movie nerd, I wanted to see "the Baum" or the building Rosemary's Baby was filmed. Also, i sketched on the plane. 

Again, I could show a bunch of pictures of buildings, and Rockefeller Center, but they wouldn't do the town justice.  

NY pan.jpg

Go. Go see it.

Blood Quantum Update

Blood Quantum Thumb.png

Blood Quantum, is by far my highest priority that often has to take a back seat to work that is paying. I'm extremely fortunate to not have compete clauses in my contract that keep me from working on it, but because Blood Quantum is a passion project, I often have to put it aside to sustain a living. However, the next hurdle for me personally is the day night cycle. I'm teaching myself to code here and it's been uphill to say the least, but I have a support network of very talented programmers that are excited to help. Progress to be posted soon at bloodquanytumgame.com. <3

Native in Game Dev Gathering - Ireland!

That being said, My next deadline is August 26th, 2016 for the Native in Game Dev Gathering in Limerick, Ireland!

The Native in Game Dev Gathering, hosted by John Romero will be held at the University of Limerick in Limerick, Ireland from August 25-27, 2016. I have never been to Ireland, and I am extremely excited to go, show the game, get some feedback, do some game jamming, and of course experience another side of the world. 

Other Works

June 18th at Bast Studio, I'll be showing some work I've been having a lot of fun doing. I guess I would call them line-less drawings or something equally pretentious?

I was recently inspired by Casey Baugh's work, and just started sketching. I like dotting for a couple of reasons.  Mainly, it is meditative for  me.  Like having a destination, knowing how to get there, and just taking the long way. I also enjoyed the sculpting this way. getting to add value (only add) and sculpt the face. I will keep making these in my down time when I don't want to think.


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