#Natives in #GameDev and Native Realities

I can finally calm the hell down a little after the events of the last couple of weeks. The Natives in Game Dev gathering was so incredibly uplifting, inspiring and healing. I can't thank enough the people responsible fore making it so. 

Alaska Republic and ArsTechnica did a couple of write ups on it.

This whole experience feels surreal. I proudly speak about my heritage now. That wasn't always the case. To see an indigenous presence in tech, let alone video games, has done something to my heart. It has taught me to hope for what feels impossible. 

Progress is slow and healthy, and I personally think worth the hard work, heart break, and uphill fight it almost always requires. In those discussions with yourself or others, the realizations of "there's only so much you can do" is part of that heart break. For most, without any guarantee of results, work will just be...dismissed.

There are a lot of good people out there, making this space more welcoming for indigenous groups to show their work and the get into games. I never thought this would be a reality.


Renee NejoComment