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So much has happened since the last post I made, and it's damn near shameful I haven't posted something sooner. Sorry about that.

Nawadinawe and The Tribeca NDN Country Hackathon

A few months back, the Tribeca fim institute reached out and invited me to the NDN Country Hackathon. I happily accepted and the turn out was heartwarming. The NDN Country Hackathon is very close to what I understand as a game jam, only instead of making a game in 48 hours, you make an interactive story. If you are at all interested in what came out of the Hackathon,  you can visit

Our story was based off of the original writings of one of our teammate's grandfather who spend some of his childhood in an indian boarding school. We used a similar art style to Ledger Art, a kind of art originating back to plains Indians using old accountant ledger paper. It had a revival in the 60s and had a very simple feel.

My take-away from this was pretty personal. I had the pleasure of meeting really wonderful people from similar walks of life. My life is a little richer for it.

Thank you:

Eve La Fountain - Story Teller, Writer, Producer - Turtle Mountain Chippewa
Renee Nejo - Designer, Background Illustration, Prop Art
Lyndze Blosser - Character Artist and Designer
Tyrone Headman - Prop Art – Navajo
James Chaffin - Sound Design, Foley, Score - East and West Band Cherokee
Darrick G. Baxter - App Developer - Marten Falls First Nation

You really need to go out of your way to get to know anyone and this was an opportunity to tell some of our stories.  I've had family of my own go to Indian School and reading the words of someone who was there was both heartbreaking and hunting. 



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