Climate Change Game Jam - Reef Revival

First off, it needs to be said. Erin Robinson is responsible for this victory. Sure, I helped - a couple of design choices and art, but if it weren't for her, we wouldn't have won.

We won.

We friggin' won!

I haven't won a game jam before, though I've participated in many. So, I'm extremely excited to have worked on it with my bestie, as well as it being an important and relevant cause. 

Reef Revival - Our Submission

Reef Revival is a time management game where you restore reefs that will act as a wave break to protect a town in the Philippines. I learned a lot doing this game jam. We were lucky enough to have scientists to help us to keep our science accurate; a really invaluable resource. 


So, climate change isn't this nebulous problem in ether that only scientists are solving in perfect white labs. We really wanted to focus on smaller, but equally relevant issues around the the changing of the earth. 

Acidification of ocean water is destroying important bacteria that coral reefs need to grow. Hi acid levels in ocean water is bleaching the coral.

Real people out there create underwater nurseries to help these little guys grow. If you want to see more about that you can go here: Reef Revival -


In Reef Revival the game, you have 5 mins to "farm" 12 baby reefs to health. In the real world, they aren't plants. Actually, they are being bred, aw, coral love <3.

In addition to the time constraint, there fish that feed off the bacteria.

if you don't scare them off, they coral will be lost forever and unable to transplant.

Win/Loss Condtion

If you can transplant enough coral, the whole reef will gain it's color back. and the harbor town will be safe from a large storm.

If you can not restore enough coral, the reef will remain bleached, unable to grow and act as a wave break.

The town will be immersed in water.

Play Reef Revival

Wanna see if you can save the town? Play it for free here at Lively Ivy's Blog Site.  


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