Dusty Flack

I currently reside in Phoenix Arizona for at least a few more weeks and made a stop on Artist Alley at Phoenix Comicon. Whether or not comic art is your cup of tea, it was truly inspiring to see artists of all levels putting their work and them selves out there in front of so many eyes.


Dusty Flack is a sci-fi/comedy web comic, centering on a female space mechanic who longs to live a life free of ambition, in a galaxy where corporate culture is supreme and life is dictated by money and reputation.

Raphael Robbins - Writer

Raphael Robbins - Writer

Raphael Robbins and I have been working on Dusty Flack for a few months now, and we have found a style and story all our own. Raph is the writer and creator of the Dusty universe and he insisted that we take the time to plan out story, character arcs, and universe. While much of this can be and will be abandoned or changed as the story grows into a living universe, we emerge from this process with a  strong sense of our main characters, the first loose story beats, and a story engine which will ensure we will continue to have stories to tell long after the initial spark.

Storytelling informs the art, art informs the storytelling. Unlike novel-writing, writing a comic is a collaborative effort, and it is important to recognize that two people will have two different images in their heads when reading a description of events. Even when working on entirely separate bits of content, we do our best to meet weekly and work side by side. Doing so allows us to see each other’s capabilities, and more-so our limitations. Our best creative decisions are made when, after laboring over a particular frame, we just say “fuck it” and approach from an entirely different angle. Small decisions like that ripple throughout the entire story and eventually make the work stronger.

We are looking forward to the day we are sitting in that artist’s alley, showing off our own comic. And I, Renee Nejo, will of course fly to Arizona for every convention ever so that Raph isn't alone and sad. Raph will come out to Denver sometimes too.

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