Currently Working Full time

Available for Contract hire only

Qualifications Summary

8+ years in the Games Industry

I am an experienced 3D Artist who is more than comfortable with changing technologies. I’m always looking for room to grow and improve. I Enjoy fast paced environments, and am comfortable with demanding deadlines. I am time efficient and constantly looking for ways to get the same quality work done in less time. I excel in teams and interpersonal communication, and I understand and value the importance of a positive, fulfilling work environment

Technical Skills

    Traditional artist with a strong understanding of art principles and color theory

  • Digital and 3D artist with a strong understanding of art principles and color theory

  • Experience in Photoshop, 3D Studio Max, Unity 3D, Maya, Cinema 4D, UDK, Marvelous Designer, CrazyBump, and ZBrush

  • Experience in Substance, Quixels, and Marmoset IBL

  • Fundamental background in Animation and Rigging including bi-peds, quadrupeds, and vehicle.

  • Low-poly modeling, efficient UV mapping, and texture painting

  • Hi-res modeling for baking normal and ambient occlusion onto low-res models

  • Realistic and Hand-painted stylized texture creations from photo or concept reference as well as from scratch

  • Clean up and prepare game assets for game pipeline integration

  • World Building and level creation for MMOs and Platformers

  • World and Asset Lighting with understanding of quadratic and linear fall off.

  • IBL - Marmoset Skyshop for Unity

  • Modeling for game implementation and animation

  • Orthographic environment creation for procedural generation 2D and 3D.

  • Game UI/UIX design and art asset creation

  • Level and Game Design Background


The Art Institute of Phoenix                                                                                                              Phoenix, AZ

   Bachelor of Arts in Game Art & Design, October 2011   

Employment History

Bellevue College                                                                                                                           Bellevue, WA

   Game Design Instructor

At Bellevue College I’m given the opportunity to do deeply fulfilling work instructing students on the fundamentals of Game Design and Professional presentation of their work in Digital Media Art related fields.

    Teach Classes:

DMA 100 Portfolio and Employment

DMA 140 Gaming Theory

DMA 240 Game Design 1

DMA 241 Game Design 2

3 Turn Productions                                                                                                                           Denver, CO

   Lead Artist, May, 2012 – 2018

    Works and communicates closely with Programmer/Designer

    Create 3D models of modular and customization for buildings and environments

    Create hand painted textures - Unique and Modular

    Create Character concepts, models, textures, rigs, and animations

Freelance Game Artist and Designer                                                                                     Denver, CO

  Art Generalist  May 2012 - Present                                   

    Concept sketches/digital paintings

    3D Mesh creation

    Character/creature Rigging for Unity’s Mechanim 

    Stylized texture painting and IBL Shader/Material Creation

    Asset Optimization for game integration

    Programs used: Unity pro, 3DS Max, Maya, and Marmoset

Orcutt|Winslow                                                                                                                              Phoenix, AZ

   3D Artist, May, 2012 – September, 2012

    Works within dynamic creative team using 2D and 3D techniques

    Brings designs to life in a variety of image and media formats

    Creating 3D models of building and environments,

    Setting up textures and lighting,

    Creating 3D renderings and animations.

Politically Incorrect Games                                                                                                              Tempe, AZ

   3D Artist, October 2010 - March 2011                                                                                         

    Developed low-res models for 3D Platformer

    Created stylized textures from photo reference and concept art

    Cleaned up/preparing assets for game integration

    Programs used: Photoshop, 3D Studio Max, Maya and Unity Indie

D3 Publishers of America                                                                                                              Phoenix, AZ

   QA Tester, July 2009-October 2009

    Consistent attention to detail

    High energy environment

    Regular multitasking

    Locate and recognize Nintendo Standards

Volunteer Experience

Thomas Jefferson High School                                                                                             Denver, CO

    Goodwill Mentor for the Avid Program  2014- Present

    Advise and Mentor high school Jr.'s and Sr.'s in workforce and college preparation; Mentoring in resumes, college applications, and mock interviews.


GDC Intel Scholars, 2015- Present                                                                               San Francisco, CA

    Advised and mentored female graduate students on professionalism and confidence to jump start

           their careers and networks in the games industry.

    Organized activities and events for the scholars such as dinners and networking events.

    Conducted one on one meetings with scholars as needed to provide support and advice per situation

           in moving forwards talking to companies and hiring managers. 

 Game Developers Conference                                                                San Francisco, CA

   Conference Associate, 2009 - 2011

    Badging as well as assisting with organizing the events, sessions, and keynotes

    Working as part of a cohesive team

    Answering questions for Attendees at the Conference

    Carrying out given tasks quickly and efficiently

IGDA and SGDA, 2009 - 2011Present                                                                                   Phoenix, AZ

Participant and Member of the International Game Developers Association and

Student Game Developers Association

UAT Game Art Mentor, 2012-Present

    Create Style Guide and pre-production pipeline for Mobile and Browser puzzle game

    Developed high-res models for low-res model projection

    Created stylized textures from photo reference and concept art

    Cleaned up/preparing assets for game integration

    Programs used: Photoshop, 3ds Max, and Unity (Pro and Indie).