A Steven Universe Video Game 

Fan Art Piece

Inside Lion 

Demo by Renee Nejo

I am a huge fan of Steven Universe, and started creating simple scenes from the show. Here is a playable Demo of Inside Lion work in progress. This will be ported over to VR in the coming months. 


Title Screen

I'm using a simple UI template with graphics I created to fit the style of the cartoon Series. I made every graphic from scratch.


Rose's Sword

I'm quickly sketching the scene with simple models and assets from the show. The texture pass at this stage consists mostly on the color theory of the Steven Universe's palette.



For the Fan (light spoilers)

This entire demo is is based off the "Straight to Video" Episode where Steven discovers Lion's Secret stash of Rose's personal posessions with a special nod to the most recent developments of the overal arc of the most recent season. This Episode was very special to me since it was the first time we really got see Rose on a deeply personal level. Each Asset was inspired from that episode and Steven's first experience inside Lion.